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Specially designed to produce the correct UV wave length required to maximize the catch rate for mosquito's and other flying insects. This single replacement lamp fits the Dynatrap model DT1775 (093.3861). Specially designed to produce the correct UV wave length required to maximize the catch rate for mosquitoes and other flying insects. This single replacement lamp fits DT250IN (093.3846), DT1050 (705.8977), DT1100 (705.8985) and DT1250 (705.8993) Dynatrap models. Increase your catch rates. Designed for use with any mosquito trap. Effective in attracting mosquitoes, including those which may carry diseases such as Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Chikungunya or Dengue. Mimics naturally occurring human skin scents to which mosquitoes are attracted.
Woodstream MM3300NET Rigid Bug Bag Patriot MM4100 Corded Magent Trap Executive MM3300 Cordless Magnet Trap
Nets that are clogged with dead mosquitoes, spiders, pollen and dust will have an adverse effect on the vacuum's ability (airflow) of your Mosquito Magnet? executive or commander trap and prevent it from working at its excellent. Start each season with a new Mosquito Magnet? mosquito net and replace as needed. This innovative rigid mosquito net has been especially engineered to maximize continuous, unblocked airflow (critical to the performance of the mosquito trap). The new net allows for easy disposal, eliminating any interaction with insects and features increased capacity to extend the life of the net before needing replacement. Protect your family from mosquitoes and biting insects who may carry serious diseases keep your Mosquito Magnet? at peak performance with regular replacement of attractants and nets. With the Mosquito Magnet? Patriot Plus, you can establish a defense zone for your home or business that drastically cuts back on the breeding population of biting insects. This CO2 mosquito trap targets all the biting insects you hate, mosquitoes, midges, no-see-ums and black flies. By using a mixture of attractants, including moisture, heat, CO2 and special scents, the Mosquito Magnet? lures biting insects to the machine where they're sucked up inside the trap, ultimately dying from dehydration. This unique mosquito trap is backed by 15 patents and more than two decades of research and innovation. The technology in Patriot Plus has been proven to effectively break the breeding cycles of mosquitoes. Each trap covers about 1 acre, requires a propane tank, attractant packs and nets. The Mosquito Magnet? executive has been designed for the homeowner who needs to protect up to a 1 acre area. "Smart Technology" is the key to this advanced mosquito trap system. The LCD panel on the front of the unit offers user-friendly features and controls that can extend the life of your propane tank. The Mosquito Magnet? executive is cordless and rechargeable, so no external electrical power is needed, allowing placement of the unit away from the family area yet near the mosquitoes breeding and resting areas. This proven mosquito trap features our patented Counterflow Technology to help you protect your family, pets and guests from pesky, biting mosquitoes including those that may carry Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and other mosquito-borne diseases. Other biting insects that are trapped include Midges, No-See-Ums and Black Flies. Backed by 360 degree consumer support.